Season Statistics Books

Coach Thomson has prepared a “Season Statistics Book” for each Geneva Viking Cross Country Season.  Each book contains a season summary, statistics, photos and newspaper articles.  This is an archive of each season that can be viewed and shared for many years to come.  Although these books do not contain any personal or confidential information, we would like to keep them private and only available to the ‘GVXC Family’ of current and prior athletes.

Click here to enter the GVXC Season Statistics Books download page.

You will be prompted for a password.  This password was sent to you by email.  If you have forgotten the password, it is located in small print at the bottom of all GVXC Team emails.  If you are a former GVXC Athlete and do not have the password, please email Coach Thomson ([email protected]) so that he can send it to you.

The “Season Statistics Books” files are somewhat large (with high quality photos), so they are stored in the GVXC Dropbox account.  You can download the file from Dropbox to your own computer/device and view or print them.  You do NOT need to setup a Dropbox account in order to download the files.

If you have any questions or problems downloading the files, please contact [email protected]

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