Girls Track & Field State Qualifiers

100m Hurdles202110thKelly McCloughan
300m Hurdles20218th (ALL-STATE)46.33Kelly McCloughan
Triple Jump20216th (ALL-STATE)38' 4.25" (11.69m)Kelly McCloughan
Pole Vault20217th (ALL-STATE)10' 11.5" (3.34m)Katie Beitzel
3200m20195th (ALL-STATE)10:53.48Sophia McDonnell
Triple Jump2019Kelly McCloughan
800m20186th (ALL-STATE)2:15.05Taryn Christy
200m2018Michelle Siciliano
300m Hurdles2018Kelly McCloughan
High Jump2018Julia Zuzinski
3200m2017Sophia McDonnell
300m Hurdles20176th (ALL-STATE)45.52Georgia Reed
High Jump20178th (ALL-STATE)5' 3.00"Kristin Higgins
100m20168th (ALL-STATE)12.42Ndidi Ukaobasi
1600m20167th (ALL-STATE)5:03.27McKenzie Altmayer
200m20169th (ALL-STATE)26.09Ndidi Ukaobasi
300m Hurdles20168th (ALL-STATE)46.06Georgia Reed
3200m20164th (ALL-STATE)10:39.37McKenzie Altmayer
3200m2016Emma Ehrhardt
High Jump20163rd (ALL-STATE)5' 6.00"Kristin Higgins
High Jump2016Shannon Callahan
100m2015Colette Malovany
1600m2015McKenzie Altmayer
1600m2015Brooke Nusser
300m Hurdles2015Janie McCloughan
3200m2015Emma Ehrhardt
400m2015Foster Ignoffo
4X400m2015J. McCloughan, C. Malovany, G. Reed, F. Ignoffo
4X800m2015B. Nusser, M. Altmayer, H. Nusser, M. McQueeny
High Jump2015Kristin Higgins
400m20146th57.41Foster Ignoffo
4X400m2014K. Adelman, B. Medina, J. McCloughan, F. Ignoffo
4X800m2014M. Altmayer, E. Ehrhardt, M.G. Neville, B, Nusser
800m2014Kathryn Adelman
High Jump2014Kristin Higgins
1600m2013McKenzie Altmayer
800m20136th02:17.9Kathryn Adelman
Pole Vault2013Jenna Ginsberg
Long Jump2012Kailie Briza
Triple Jump2012Hannah Davison
1600m2011Tess Ehrhardt
1600m2011Rachel Hammond
3200m2011Liza Tauscher
800m20114th02:14.0Taylor Wickware
Long Jump2011Kailie Briza
Pole Vault2011Erin Kluck
100m Hurdles2010Diana Ramanauskas
100m Hurdles20108th15.2Alissa Dappas
1600m2010Kelly Shogren
1600m2010Megan Brady
300m Hurdles20105th44.66Alissa Dappas
300m Hurdles2010Claire Anderson
3200m2010Liza Tauscher
400m2010Erica Miller
4X400m2010E. Miller, A. Dappas, T. Wickware, A. Pace
800m20106th02:14.5Taylor Wickware
800m2010Tess Ehrhardt
Pole Vault20101st12'Allie Pace
Pole Vault2010Erin Kluck
100m Hurdles20099th15.58Alissa Dappas
1600m2009Megan Heuer
1600m2009Kelly Shogren
300m Hurdles20098th45.1Alissa Dappas
3200m2009Liza Tauscher
3200m2009Sarah Hauer
400m2009Taylor Wickware
400m2009Erica Miller
4X400m20094th03:54.6E. Miller, S. Hill, T. Wickware, A. Dappas
4X800m20096th09:19.2E. Miller, K. Whitley, M. Heuer, R. Hammond
Pole Vault20092nd12'Allie Pace
Triple Jump2009Sammi Hill
1600m2008Kelly Whitley
1600m2008Tess Ehrhardt
300m Hurdles2008Alissa Dappas
3200m2008Liza Tauscher
400m2008Erica Miller
4X200m2008E. Miller, A. Dappas, B. Staples, and S. Hill
4X400m2008E. Miller, S. Hill, T. Wickware, K. Yelle
4X800m20086th09:19.8K. Yelle, K. Whitley, M. Yelle, T. Ehrhradt
High Jump20087th5' 4"Lexie Tomcheck
Pole Vault2008Allie Pace
100m2007Erica Miller
200m2007Erica Miller
1600m20059th05:07.6Kathleen Thompson
4X400m2005L. Shemyakina, K. Smudde, K. Thompson, L. Kasperkiewicz
4X800m2005L. Shemyakina, K. Thompson, L. Kasperkiewicz, and K. Smudde
800m20052nd02:09.4Kim Smudde
1600m2004Kathleen Thompson
4X400m2004L. Shemyakina, K. Smudde, S. Landau, L. McKee
4X800m20043rd09:24.2L. McKee, L. Shemyakina, K. Thompson, K. Smudde
800m2004Kim Smudde
Pole Vault20041st13' 3" (State Record)Sarah Landau
400m2003Lyuda Shemyakina
4X400m2003C. Norville, H. Smudde, L. Shemyakina, S. Landau
4X800m2003H. Smudde, L. Shemyakina, K. Thompson, C. Norville
High Jump2003Heather Smudde
Pole Vault20031st11' 6"Sarah Landau
800m2002Nora Page
Pole Vault2002Sarah Landau
Pole Vault2002Jackie Kennath
Discus2001Cassidy Harris
Pole Vault2001Sarah Landau
1600m20001st04:57.7Becca Mitchell
Shot Put2000Cassidy Harris
1600m19993rd05:04.6Becca Mitchell
4X800m19997th09:36.8N. Page, R. Dixon, H. Hepker, B. Mitchell
1600m1998Becca Mitchell
3200m1998Becca Mitchell
100m1997Mary Ray
1600m19971st05:01.3Becca Mitchell
3200m1997Becca Mitchell
4X800m19908thM. Holland, A. Gerbach, P. Williams, J. Shafer
4X400m19883rdK. Munch, A. Walkington, C. Duffy, E. Olson
400m1984Stephanie Harper
200m1982Holly O’Donnell
800m Medley Relay1982J. Wittenberg, L. Ballantine, J. Lipps, J. Anderson

* Records between 1985 and 1997 may be incomplete. If you have any information regarding State Qualifiers between these years, or any other for that matter, please contact Coach Peter Raak, [email protected] with the information.

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