Training Log

Online Training Log

We have decided to implement an online Training Log to assist Athletes and Coaches with tracking their workouts and running miles.  We have selected RunningAHEAD as our online training log provider.

Please follow these RunningAHEAD Setup Instructions in order to setup your FREE online account with RunningAHEAD.  It is important that you create your account following these instructions so that your Training Logs will be view-able by you, your teammates, your coaches, but nobody else.

As explained in the Setup Instructions, please keep these points in mind:

  • Enter your first and last name as your Screen Name so that the coaching staff will know who you are. If we don’t recognize the name, we will remove it from our Team group.
  • Update your Training Log preferences to ‘Only allow members in my groups to view my log’, so that your miles will only be seen by the Geneva team. (You can choose to ‘Allow everyone to see your training log’ if you would like).
  • Join the ‘Geneva Vikings Distance Runners’ User Group under Community by using the password provided to you by the coaches.
  • Update the Group Options to select ‘Allow administrators of this group to view your training log.’ (This will allow the coaching staff to monitor your training miles.)

You can install the FREE ‘RunForth‘ iOS App or ‘Handy Runner‘ Android App on your phone to view and update your online training log when away from your computer.  Details are provided on the RunningAHEAD main page.  There is even a Facebook app for auto posting your workouts.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the coaches for assistance.

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