Coaches Contact Information

Cross Country:

Name Title Email Phone
Bob Thomson Head Coach 630-440-9133
Peter Raak Assistant Coach 630-463-3922
Mark Hedrick Assistant Coach 630-463-3800
Hilary Foster Assistant Coach 630-463-3994
Alex Serluco Assistant Coach 630-444-8600 x8662
Tom Robertson Assistant Coach 267-663-9445

Track & Field:

Name Title Email Work Phone
Gale Gross Boys Head Coach, Throws Coach 630-463-3671
Peter Raak Girls Head Coach, Distance Coach 630-463-3922
Bob Thomson Distance Coach 630-440-9133
Tom Robertson Distance Coach 267-663-9445
Hilary Foster Distance Coach 630-463-3994
Andrew Olinger Sprint & High Jump Coach
Bryan Hills Throws Coach
Boone Thorgesen Sprints and Hurdles Coach
Ken Connelly Pole Vault Coach  630-816-2586
Anthony Swaekauski Sprints & Long/Triple Jump Coach

Website and Event Administrators:

Name Function Email Phone
Doug Rodgers Website and Email Distribution List
Trish Kredell Special Events/Pasta Parties


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