State Qualifying Individuals

Cross Country State Qualifying Individuals - Boys

2014Mitchael Deamantopulos159th15:45
2012Michael Bianchina90th15:20
2011Michael Bianchina42nd15:14
1999Charlie Connor52nd15:28
1997Justin Mitchell23rd14:58
1996Matt Saarima26th15:00

Cross Country State Qualifying Individuals - Girls

2017Andrine Larsen138th18:27.66
2005Sarah Cable64th18:29
2002Kristina Donash38th18:12
1999Rebecca Mitchell (2.5)5th14:21
1998Rebecca Mitchell (2.5)7th14:28
1997Rebecca Mitchell (2.1)1st11:19
1996Rebecca Mitchell (2.1)1st11:30

Note: Records prior to the dates shown are currently unavailable but research will continue.

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