Meet Preparation

Please be on time for meets. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled bus departure. If you miss the bus, you may not get a ride to the meet and still complete. Your absence will be unexcused.

48 hours before the meet is the most important. Eat a good carbohydrate meal and get plenty of sleep.

What’s in your equipment bag?

Get everything you might need at the meet ready the night before. Use this list as a guide. Everything on this list will probably come in handy sometime during the season. The weather and conditions can change quite a bit from week to week over the course of the season. Put it all in your bag and leave it there so it won’t be forgotten. The coaches will not carry extra supplies because someone might forget something. Being prepared is your responsibility.

1. Athletic Bag 2. Uniform(s) you may have more than one 3. Warm-ups
4. Running shoes/spikes (3/8″ spikes ) 5. Raingear/Garbage bag 6. Extra socks
7. Money 8. Water bottle 9. Toilet paper
10. Insect repellant 11. Towel 12. Extra shirt
13. Food for after race 14. Turtle neck/long sleeve shirt 15. Stocking cap
16. Blanket 17. Gloves/mittens 18. Running tights
19. Safety pins for bib numbers 20. Other _______________


If you bring valuables like jewelry, MP3 players, CD players, etc., the responsibility that they might get lost or stolen is yours.   Our equipment is often left unattended. Whatever you bring is your responsibility if it’s lost or stolen.

At meets, you must wear team issued uniforms and warm-ups (or team tee shirts/sweat shirts that were designed and purchased by the team). We represent Geneva H.S. and need to show our team colors and spirit. Arrive dressed in your uniform and ready to run. There are rarely changing facilities at any of our meet locations.

Respect others equipment and belongings. If it’s not yours and you don’t have permission to get or use it, don’t touch or take it.

Racing groups need to stay together and dress alike at the meets. Hold each other accountable. Know where everyone in your group is at all times. Tell your group where you are going if you must leave them for any reason. Disqualifications can occur when we can’t find you. Warm up together, race together, cool down (post meet work out) together.

We need to show good sportsmanship at all times. Support your fellow teammates in their races while preparing for yours. Always respect your competition. Congratulate their accomplishments as you would expect them to do with you.

Meets are considered over at the conclusion of awards and the post meet workout. You are expected to ride the bus to and from the meets and stay for the entire meet.

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