All-Regional Athletes

Top 5 finishers in Regional meet are recognized as All-Regional.

Cross Country All-Regional Boys

2018Ryan Kredell1st
2018Ben Calusinski5th
2017Josh Rodgers1st
2016Tyler Dau2nd
2016Josh Rodgers3rd
2015Tyler Dau1st
2013Blaine Bartel4th
2011Peter Archibald5th
2010Billy Koskiewicz2nd
2009Kevin McDowell1st
2009Kevin Sparks2nd
2008Andrew Nelson2nd
2008Chris Higgins3rd
2008Greg Adelman4th
2008Kevin McDowell5th
2006Matt Bowman3rd
2006Greg Adelman4th
2001Andrew McQuillan2nd
2001Dan Huling3rd
2000Andrew McQuillan1st
2000Dan Huling2nd

Cross Country All-Regional Girls

2017Sophia McDonnell3rd
2016Sophia McDonnell3rd
2016Andrine Larsen4th
2015McKenzie Altmayer1st
2013Kathryn Adelman4th
2013McKenzie Altmayer5th
2012Brooke Nusser2nd
2012McKenzie Altmayer3rd
2012Kathryn Adelman5th
2010Kelly Whitley1st
2010Tess Ehrhardt3rd
2010Liza Tauscher4th
2009Kelly Whitley1st
2009Tess Ehrhardt2nd
2009Kelly Shogren3rd
2009Rachel Hammond4th
2009Megan Brady5th
2008Kelly Whitley1st
2008Sarah Heuer2nd
2008Liza Tauscher4th
2007Kelly Whitley2nd
2007Liza Tauscher5th
2004Kathleen Thompson1st
2004Kim Smudde3rd
2004Caitlin Guinan5th

Note: Records prior to the dates shown are currently unavailable but research will continue.

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