Volunteer for the Chicago Marathon

Sunday, 7 OCTOBER 2018

Bus leaves @ 5:15AM – Be there earlier!!!

(Bring a pillow)

We will return around 3:00PM

We will once again be working near the finish line with power
bars. This worked out well for us last year, and I look forward to
another smooth year. The marathon will provide volunteers with
breakfast and lunch, but you may want to bring your own food
and drink for the day.

Remember, as a volunteer you will be expected to do work. This
is not a free trip to the city. The Chicago Marathon is a major
event, they are relying on us to do a job, and we must make sure
that it is done and done well.

We have at least 30 spots that need to be filled, but I can add
more if need be. Volunteers need to be at least 16 years old and
bring a valid ID to the marathon.

There will be heightened security this year, so be prepared for
this and respectful as always.

***It is expected that all volunteers take the bus to and
from the marathon.

Volunteer policies: To help make this year’s race a successful and positive
experience for everyone, we expect volunteers to abide by the volunteer

Volunteer FAQs: Use the volunteer FAQs page as a resource.

You must register by 11:59 pm Monday, October 1 st .

Click HERE to sign up online.

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