What’s new on the website

The ‘Schedule/Results‘ page contains all of the meet information in one spot:

  • Lists all meets for the season, sorted by date
  • Click the ‘Location & Instructions‘ link to see details about the the meet location, including maps, times and any other special notes.
  • There is a link to view the ‘Course Map
  • The Weekly Meet Information Sheet that the Coach sends by email is can be accessed by the (Info) link under the ‘Meet (Information)’ column

Race results will be added to the last column as soon as they are available.  This will include both the overall results for the meet as well as the individual stats for GVXC runners.

  • The ‘Practice Calendar‘ contains every practice, meeting, event… in a calendar view.
  • Recent news paper articles about the Team will be posted to the ‘News‘ page beneath the ‘Media’ tab.
  • Short Videos of the meets will be posted to the ‘Videos‘ page beneath the ‘Media’ tab.
  • Real-time Twitter feed will always be posted to the bottom of the main page.
  • If you have questions or suggestions about the website, please use the ‘Contact Us‘ form.