Other Cross Country Information

Rides To and Home From A Meet – The school provides bus transportation to and from all meets. It is mandatory that all athletes ride the bus. Athletes (or parents) may not drive or be driven to a meet. It is expected that all athletes remain for all races and awards even after the completion of their race early in the meet. We understand it may be necessary for a parent to take their child home from a meet. If this situation arises, a written notification must be given to either coach 7 days in advance. The meet the week prior is a perfect time to do this. Only the parents may take their child home. Parents must personally come up to one of the coaches to inform them when they are taking you so we don’t have to be looking around for you. Remember! – You cannot ride home with somebody else’s parent or drive yourselves.


We will be awarding buttons for individual accomplishments.

Buttons will be awarded as follows:

  • You will receive a button for every week of PERFECT attendance. Perfect means perfect – no tardies, absences, no excuses. You are either there and on time or you’re not. We understand that there are many acceptable excuses for being late or absent, but it opens a big can of worms trying to keep track of what is acceptable and not.
  • You will receive a button every time you set a PR. PR’s carry through from one season to the next.

A trophy will be awarded at the end of the season to the girl and boy that earn the most buttons. Buttons will be awarded every Monday at practice to those who have earned them. You must be present to accept these buttons. If you are absent from Mondays practice, you forfeit earned buttons, but still receive credit.

Most Valuable Runner Award – One girl and one boy will be selected for this varsity award. The team will vote for the award winners at the end of the season. This is not to be a popularity vote. Careful consideration of all varsity runners is important. Who were the leaders and role models? Who always set the positive examples? Who gave you encouragement? This person might be but is not always the teams’ best athlete, but all things considered, would leave a big noticeable hole in the team if they had not been part of it.

Most Improved Runner Award – One girl and one boy will be selected for this varsity award. The coaches will determine the award winners based on season statistics. This usually includes the greatest drop of time over the course of the season from the previous season, therefore, freshman or anyone that did not compete for GHS the previous year are not eligible. In addition, consistent improvement, development of technique, understanding of the sport, and growth of character and leadership will be expected.

Uniforms – Every new runner will need purchase a new uniform jersey and shorts.

Warm-ups – Everyone will receive a warm-up jacket. These are in very good condition and need to remain that way. It is expected that all issued equipment is returned at the end of the season in the same condition (normal wear is expected to happen) as it was issued. Please wash in cold water and let it hang to dry.

The new uniforms with normal wear and care should last all 4 years if necessary. The coaches and some athletes were involved in the design process. We hope you like the results and wear them with pride.

Replacement/purchase cost on the garments is as follows:
• Girls Warm-up Jacket $50.00 (UA) $35 for older one and for backpacks
• Boys Warm-up Jacket $50.00 (UA) $35 for older one and for backpacks

Watches – It is expected that every runner has a watch everyday. GPS watches have come a long way these days are an excellent training tool and provide a lot of data about your runs.

Academic Eligibility – Every athlete is required to meet weekly academic eligibility requirements. Requirements state that an athlete must be passing five courses, (including physical education and driver education). If you become academically ineligible, it lasts for a week (it will begin on Monday and end on Saturday), assuming the grades were brought back up. You are still expected to practice and attend meets. Academic eligibility lists are posted weekly. Let a coach know before a crisis occurs so they can assist you get the help that you need. Your education comes first but with proper planning there is room for sports and other activities! Work on assignments and study for tests as they are assigned. Don’t wait until the day before things are due. Missing a practice because an assignment is due the next day that you waited on when it was assigned two weeks earlier is unacceptable. You are a student/athlete and need to be responsible for both.

Captains/Leaders – All seniors were eligible and expected for this role. The selection focuses on dedication, commitment, understanding of the sport, demonstration of being a good positive role model, prior participation in the sport, leadership, ability to give direction, participation in the summer program and respect of his or her peers. We have girls and boys as leaders. Leaders are an extension of the coaches and carries with it responsibility and respect. Leaders must be willing to take charge, take responsibility, and have the team’s best interest in mind.

Conclusions – Many, if not all of these rules and regulations have been established because of problems that have occurred in the past or we’re trying to avoid future problems. As coaches, it is easier to enforce something that is in writing. Generally speaking, we don’t have many problems because these rules and regulations do exist. The ultimate responsibility of acting appropriately as a representative of Geneva High School, your parents, your coaches and yourselves falls on you, the athlete. If you are not sure of something – ASK! Don’t assume anything. There may be consequences.

If for any reason you have a concern or problem, please don’t hesitate to talk with one of the coaches privately.

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