Geneva Vikings Cross Country

Guiding Principles to Success


  • Nothing great ever happens without enthusiasm. The energy and the investment made, returns strong dividends.

  • The runners, not the coaches, define greatness.

  • Respect for one another is held above all. No one individual is “more important” than another or the team.

  • Purpose AND winning can be achieved at the same time.

  • Making the commitment to dedicate oneself is the greatest determiner of success.

  • Finishing strong in workouts, races, and the season as a whole, makes champions in the end.

  • Paying attention to the small things now, add up to big things later.


Core Values:

      • Improvement (measure of consistency)

      • Competitiveness (willing to put it on the line)

      • Hard work (challenging oneself)

      • Respect for one another (treating others with dignity)

      • Having fun!


 Core Purpose:

      • Have fun in pursuing individual and team goals

      • Develop life long memories and relationships

      • Build confidence in oneself




“The finish line is only the beginning of a whole new race”.

                       Teddy Ebersol

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