Attendance Policies



PHILOSOPHY: Our goal is to run a program where athletes are expected to make a significant commitment to self-improvement, yet which does allow for some consideration of external obligations.  We strongly believe that success in Cross Country, as in any endeavor, is dependent on consistent effort and commitment to long-term term goals.  Participation in high school athletics is not a right but a privilege; while we support all athletes, regardless of ability level, we feel that to earn the privilege of being on the team, all members must be willing to make an equivalent sacrifice.  While we certainly encourage the development of well-rounded individuals, we also recognize that the value of athletics cannot be truly realized if the athlete is unable to make a full commitment to his/her sport.  This may require that athletes have to make some difficult choices, but the team will derive strength from the shared sense of sacrifice that all individual members are making.


Practices start promptly on school days Monday-Thursday at 3:05 pm and Fridays at 6:00 am. Meet at the water tower M-Th tower and outside the locker room entrance (Center St.) on Fridays to sign in.


ATTENDANCE – It is required that you attend all practices and meets unless excused. If you are absent from school, you are also excused from practice and may not attend practice. Please call the main office and Coach Raak’s extension (for boys) and Coach Hamblock’s extension (for girls) when you are absent from school. Please provide a note from your parent, teacher, etc. for any practices or meets that you know you will miss in advance (dentist, doctor, field trip, extra help, etc.). Family emergencies unfortunately do arise. Parents should contact the coach directly if these situations arise. Family trips and vacations or babysitting, etc. are not considered family emergencies. Failure to practice the day before a meet will mean that you cannot participate in the meet (This makes the Friday morning practices very important to attend). You are still expected to attend the meet and support the team and practice instead. Practices and meets are rarely if ever cancelled. We have plenty of indoor space in the event of poor weather on a practice day. If poor weather occurs on a scheduled weekday meet (so far there are not any scheduled), these may be cancelled, but we will still have practice. As far as a Saturday invitational is concerned, the host school usually has no way of contacting us prior to departure, so we must go to these meets and find out the situation when we arrive. After the conference meet, only the teams top 7 boys and girls (plus 5 alternates) will participate (practices and meets) in the state regional meet and beyond. All non-participating team members must attend the regional meet as well as the sectional meet if anyone advances. Missing one of these meets will result in the forfeit of any end of season awards if the absence is unexcused. Please take note of the entire season schedule as attendance is expected at all meets whether you are participating or not. A team bus will be available. Attendance at practice during this time is only required for the top 7 plus the 5 alternates.


EXCUSED ABSENCES – Illness, Family Emergency, Observation of Religious Holidays


PROVISIONAL ABSENCES –SAT/ACT test prep courses, Driver Education course, band or orchestra concert (unless it’s required for class), vacations (coaches’ discretion), family celebrations (coaches’ discretion), orthodontist/dental/doctor appointments (scheduled around practice whenever possible ie Fridays), college visits, leaving practice early for another commitment (coaches’ discretion)


UNEXCUSED ABSENCES – Oversleeping, Haircut appointments, Birthday parties, Concerts or professional/college sporting events, Homecoming, Vacation, Job or volunteering, Staying home to do homework/working on a group project (should be scheduled around practice), Practice for any other sport, Club/Activity, Detentions, Missing a meet (without a 7 day notification in writing and not for any reasons listed) An unexcused absence is any absence where a coach did not receive direct notification. Three unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the team. A day missed because you forgot any of your necessary equipment (running shoes, proper clothing, stopwatch, etc.) or you just didn’t feel like coming, will be unexcused.


TARDIESPractice begins promptly on school days at 3:05 pm on Monday-Thursday and at 6:00 am on Fridays. Attendance will be taken at this time. Forgetting your watch will count as a tardy (see watches under other information). Tardiness is unacceptable unless it was prearranged with the coaches’ knowledge. Getting help from a teacher would be a perfect example. Please bring a pass from the teacher that was helping you.


INJURIES – If an athlete is injured, attendance is still expected at practices and meets. If unable to run, the athlete can still keep in shape in a variety of ways under the advisement from the athletic trainer or doctor. If the athlete is taken out of participating by a doctor, please provide a note from the doctor explaining the nature of the injury. The athlete will not be able to resume participation until we receive a written notification from the doctor stating that the athlete is clear to do so.






  • Contact coaches for any and all absences.
  • Contact coaches directly in the event of emergency.
  • Written excuse must be provided in advance for all non emergency absences.
  • You will be notified of any changes to the schedule. If you do not hear, you must appear!



  • DON’T BE LATE! Bring a parent note or teacher pass if you are.
  • Unprepared ie watch = tardy.



  • Doctor’s note is required to be excused from and returned to full participation.



  • Your absence = someone else’s opportunity to take your place.



  • Any combination of three provisional absences or tardies equals an Unexcused absence but will not be held out of the next meet.
  • 1st Unexcused absence: withheld from the next scheduled meet
  • 2nd Unexcused absence: withheld from the subsequent meet
  • Three Unexcused absences results in the dismissal from the team


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